The iPad is on the streets

Apple launched the iPad this weekend, and like all the new products from Steve Jobs’s crew, people are “killing” to have one as soon as possible. I’ve read many articles and reviews about it, with opinions from a nine year old kid until Apple’s geeks all around the US. People are so excited by this new gadget that it’s almost a matter of life or dead buy it in the first day, well, this is quite an opportunity to appear in a picture on New York Times or even in the Times magazine cover, but let’s face we don’t need all that haste.


In my opinion, the iPad will be a great gadget by a couple of months, untill everybody realizes that there are many other tablets equal or even better than the iPad, with a built in webcam and multitasking. I think people, especially Americans, like to say they are the first in everything, even to buy the iPad.

Of course i have interest to know and to use the iPad, but sincerely i think i’ll wait for the new iPhone, that should be released by june this year. Let’s see what people can do with their new toy and wait to decide for the new iPhone, the iPad, or both of them.



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