People think that i have many friends, well, i have some, but only a few are always there for me, and these are the onesthat i really consider and can count. I made some new friends here in this blog, some of them i’ve never met, brazilliansthat live around the world, people from Portugal and Canada. That’s something that i’ve never expected. =)

Nowadays people have this need to have lots of friends and someone special, well, this can be important, but it’s not arule. I don’t have a girlfriend since 2008 and i’m okay with this, of course if someone special shows up i’ll like, but i’m not chasing someone like if i had been desperated, i’m just waiting for the right one.

Friends can be very good, but can be very disappointing to, but the most important thing is to have a few good ones,live great moments and enjoy them like if was the last time you are going to see them.


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