Wait for your turn

When you’re in a situation of change and don’t know what’s coming next, you’re actually in the middle of something good or not to yourself, the only thing you know is that you’re not gonna stand still. I was in that situation and now i feel much better after some time with myself.

People never know when happiness will be found, some people go after it and don’t stop until they achieve their goals, some people rather wait to see what’s is coming for them. I thought i was the first kind, i always tried to find my happiness going after it, but i realized that sometimes you just have to wait. And now i’m waiting…

The benefits that some changes have brought to me are helping me to think better, or almost do it. I noticed that i’m not in a rush of doing somethings or to find someone, or even to think about my future, i’m just waiting for my time.

These things are a combination of growing and lived experiences, situations that i’ve faced in my life and the people i met. So if you’re in a kind of rush to find happiness, just wait till your turn.



6 comentários em “Wait for your turn

  1. Hi,
    I appreciated the way you put your ideas together! I got a bit confused, and I hope what you meant to say it’s not what I think. But everyone has your own way to deal with life, and I totally respect that. BTW, I’m truly in peace with myself too!
    Talk to you soon!

  2. Hello sr. Mansano
    I think you’re right. Sometimes wait for our turn is the best choice we can make. But it’s hard..I’m still learning to wait.

  3. Isso tudo que você escreveu é perturbador, no bom sentido, porque é uma baita verdade e pouca gente tem coragem de encarar as coisas asssim.

    Eu acho que já encarei várias situações assim, não que me orgulhe muito disso, mas posso dizer que estou aprendendo, devagar e sempre que um dia, a felicidade chega sem a gente esperar sim.

    Bjo =*

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